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Raw Materials, Nature Herba for Fruitcus Food, Flavours, Spices & Extracts, etc.

Specialist of Rare Herba / Botanicals / Semen / Cortex / Radix / Panex Ginseng Radix etc.
Panex Ginseng Radix

C.E.O. / Owner
a bit about us:

We are importer and exporter of Agri botanicals herbs from Indian and Imported origins. We have been in this business for over 5 decades. We are exporter of botanical herbs to some of the leading Companies of India / Overseas Countries. We deal in all kinds of herbs / seeds. Since we keep adding new herbs / seeds to our stocks therefore it is difficult to consolidate all the herbs in one list.

We are willing to work and build a fruitful business relationship with your company. Please let us know your requirement of herbs, seeds for medicinal herbs cultivation, organic plantation. We are now cultivating rare botanicals herba. We can also do contract farming.

Please let us know your requirement, if any.

Awaiting your query and valuable order,

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Pradeep Kumar Sharma
C.E.O. / Owner
Indian Herb Traders (India)


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